what is filipino finder?

Filipino business owners & innovators continue work hard every day in hopes to become a player in the global economy & their local communities.  It's no secret, that the biggest supporters of many of these businesses are members of their own Filipino community.  Patrons and business owners a-like, would all agree -- There's an unmatched level of trust andcomfort we feel when doing business with family, extended family, or other members of their own community.

So our goal is simple:  Bring all types of Filipino business - across all industries -  to the forefront.  Make it easier for the rest of the community to find these businesses & continue to show our support.  And in return, get back a level of service we know & trust.

In a parallel effort, we want to share the advice and stories of those within the community who have found success through entrepreneurshipinnovation, & creativity.  Together, we can continue to inspire and support the continued prosperity of Filipino-owned ventures in all parts of the world & all areas of society.